Creating Deliverables

I invest considerable effort and take pride in producing final deliverables that effectively communicate essential results and corresponding recommendations to key stakeholders and other interested parties. Interestingly, it is through my UX research work that I have truly refined this skill to its current level. Below are some guiding principles shaping my approach to creating deliverables:

1. Prioritizing Descriptive Statistics:

Descriptive statistics are more intuitively understood than inferential statistics. Consequently, I often find that key findings are better communicated using descriptive statistics. While I aim to incorporate relevant inferential findings, I ensure they are presented intelligibly and do not overshadow the main deliverables.

2. Consideration of Numerical Form:

The numerical form of a statistic can impact understanding. I carefully consider how to present relevant statistics, recognizing that humans process and comprehend large numbers better than small ones, whole numbers better than decimals, fractions better than decimals, and percentages better than proportions.

3. Human Visual Perception Principles:

In crafting reports, I adhere to human visual perception principles to optimize comprehension. Prioritizing symmetry, coherence, and easy scanning, I maintain a consistent hierarchy in font size, spacing, layout, image size, and color selection. Acknowledging human limitations in information processing and a preference for uncluttered visuals, I actively prevent my deliverables from becoming overwhelming. This concerted approach guarantees that the audience effortlessly comprehends and engages with the presented information.

4. Concrete Visual Representations:

Research indicates that visuals providing concrete representations are more effective in capturing interest and conveying numerical information than standard visuals like charts and graphs. Consequently, I often include the numerical values of findings alongside a visual representation of the corresponding physical entity, presented in a graphic format such as an icon.

5. Storytelling:

I believe that the most effective deliverables are those that tell a story. I strive to create a narrative that is engaging, informative, and persuasive. This narrative is built around the data, and it is designed to guide the reader through the findings and recommendations in a logical and compelling manner.