This website’s primary aim is to showcase who I am as a quantitative researcher. So those reviewing my candidacy for such a position with their team may better assess my potential fit. I designed and built this website myself to improve my HTML, CSS, and JAVA skills, and it is a continuous work in progress. 

A little bit more about me:

I am an empirical research scientist with project experience in academia, government, and industry, working across many disciplines. My expertise and passion are inferential statistics and quantitative behavioral research. I hold a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Texas Tech University, where I graduated with a perfect GPA of 4.0. My dissertation topic focused on investigating the effect of moral dilemmas' situational moral features on cognition using crossed-classified random-effects modeling.

Currently, I serve as the Monitoring & Evaluation Manager at Summit Academy OIC. In this role, I leverage my statistical and data expertise to assess and improve program outcomes in the Information Technology (IT), Construction, and Medical Administrative Assistant fields. I am responsible for creating informative reports and visually compelling infographics to communicate performance metrics and actionable insights. Additionally, I oversee grant funding, managing the entire process from submitting proposals to providing quarterly reports.

Prior to my current position, I have held several roles throughout my career, including Senior Analytic Consultant at Phase 5, Postdoctoral Researcher at UMN's HumanFIRST Research Laboratory, and Lead Statistical Consultant at Texas Tech's Psychological Science Department and Graduate School.

In addition to my professional experience, I have instructed several courses at Texas Tech University, including Statistical Methods, Experimental Design, Multilevel Modeling, Categorical Data Analysis, and Research Methods.

My skills include a broad range of statistical and data analysis techniques, such as reliability and validity analysis, ANOVA, regression, SEM, Bayesian analysis, multilevel modeling, longitudinal analysis, mediation analysis, survey design, and validation. I am also proficient in a range of software and programming languages, including SPSS, MPlus, R, SAS, Python, CSS, JAVA, and Microsoft Excel, among others.

  • I was raised in the Twin Cities and currently reside there with my wonderful wife and our spirited dog, Zimba.
  • A unique hobby of mine is making DIY audio projects.
  • My favorite artist of all time is Van Morrison.
  • My dog Zimba's namesake is Simba from the Lion King. We simply swapped the S with a Z!
  • I enjoy cooking. However, I am notoriously slow at cooking.
  • Currently, me, my wife, and Zimba are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • I look best in yellow!